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In my eyes, Taurus could be most associated with Hestia , the oldest sister of the Olympian Gods and the humble Goddess of the hearth and home. She brought protection, warmth and a safe haven. Very grounded, much like Taurus, and loyal to her admirers, like Taurus is to loved ones. Gemini is assigned to the planet Mercury, the planet of communication and the Roman name of the Greek God Hermes. Hermes is the god of thieves, mischief, the messenger of the Gods and guide from earth to Hades God of the Underworld. Hermes was exceedingly clever and quick-witted, very likable, but not one to fully trust.

Others have to adjust to him and are usually very confused and taken aback at first by his overwhelming personality. All traits a Gemini shares. Cancer could very well be associated with the Goddess Hera , the Goddess of marriage and fertility. She stood up for the people who felt love in any shape or form. People whose love was one-sided, mutual love, passionate love, unanswered love, you name it and she felt an undying passion for it.


Married to Zeus, she had to have quite a strong personality. People mostly feared her, because she had a jealous, unforgiving side to her which showed a lot.

Zeus was often unfaithful, but if he even looked at another man or woman the wrong way, Hera would have revenge ready. Another Goddess that could be associated would be Artemis , twin of Apollo and Goddess of hunting and the moon planet that represents Cancer. Cancer is caring and very resilient, traits she shared with both Goddesses. Pride is his strength and his weakness, very much like Leos.

Virgo is very easily connected to the Pallas Athena , the Goddess of war strategy, wit and cleverness, and precious daughter of Zeus. Virgos are funny because of their quick wit and are known for their strong advice based on logic, strategy and being simply grounded.

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, planet of love and the Roman name of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. Aphrodite is the Goddess of love, beauty and romance.


Libra is flirtatious, known to be gracious and carry an unusual beauty with them. Scorpio is assigned to the planet Pluto, which besides being the planet of power is also the Roman name of Hades , the Greek God of the Underworld. Hades is a dark and powerful individual, but is also very misunderstood. Like the story of Hades and Persephone, where he loves her deeply and is willing to something as awful as trapping her in the underworld to get her to stay with him. I suppose you could say he saw something in the beautiful, forgiving goddess. He was a quiet, brooding Titan who has been through a lot and is much like Hades very misunderstood.

He did awful things like eating all his children, but did it out of love because he was scared of the cursed fate that was waiting for them. Scorpio shares a lot of traits with these two powerful figures.

Primal Astrology - Spirit of the Lemur

Dark, powerful, misunderstood. Sting like a scorpion, fight like a God. Sagittarius is associated with the planet Jupiter, the planet of optimism and expansion, and the Roman name of the Greek God Zeus. Zeus was charming, restless and arrogant, much like Sagittarius could be. However, as the ruler of Olympus the home of all Greek Gods , Zeus possessed natural leadership and fought for justice.

Sagittarius are known to avoid commitment and jump into things with full excitement, but always have a strong sense of responsibility and justice. Besides Zeus, Sagittarius could also match well with Dionysus , God of wine, pleasure and festivity. As chaotic and loose as a God could be, Dionysus was just that, but very well-liked and free-spirited. Capricorn could very logically be associated with Demeter , the Goddess who lives on earth and the ruler of corn and harvest. Just like Capricorn is associated with being grounded and earthy, so is Demeter.

About the Book

Though Demeter is a strong fit for Capricorn, Gaea , mother of everything, is also very fitting for the zodiac sign. She was the first one to be. The serene power that gives Life and give us a solid ground to walk on, literally, but sometimes figuratively, too.

Another Greek being that could be associated with Aquarius is again not a God, but a Titan. Not any Titan, but the only Titan that Zeus trusted to be his right hand, namely Prometheus. He was known to continuously defy the Gods by helping the mortal humans even creating them. Besides his fate however, Prometheus was known to be wise, a wonderful craftsman, calm, forward-thinking and generous, much like Aquarius.

Poseidon is the king of the sea and is known for his unpredictable anger. Their grasp of language is second to none and they can use this to get what they want in life.

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Lemurs are also excellent writers. No matter what form or language they choose, this sign can always argue their point with grace and poise. Perhaps because of this natural talent they can also be a bit manipulative. Lemurs are naturally deep thinkers, but they can be moody, and this combination can lead to imaginative fantasies about how others are doing them wrong or how they are not getting what they deserve in life. The side effect is often anger, jealousy and other unnecessary drama.

Lemurs never forget a slight, and will plot their revenge for months, though they rarely actually act on these fantasies. More likely they will use their vast vocabulary to chastise their enemies with sharp words and scathing rebukes. Luckily members of this sign are good at recognizing when they are out of balance and will usually disappear from acquaintances for a time until they can realign themselves. Lemurs make great friends. They always have something interesting to say and have a great sense of humor that keeps others entertained.

Lemurs are naturally witty and clever, but they also know what people need to hear and when they need to hear it. They can play anyone perfectly into thinking that they are intensely intrigued by their life story, but deep down this may or may not be the truth. Lemurs make others like them instinctively, but this is not always genuine. They may be a friend to your face but an enemy behind your back. If this is the case, start thinking about what you did to upset them because a Lemur never forgets.

Love is more challenging for this sign.